Spanking & Training Videos

What is a Training Video?

The Girls below have all done Spanking & Training Videos


Taylor's Training videos are our top selling training videos.  Her willingness to be trained through strict Domestic Discipline Spankings is unmatched.  She gets spankings until she learns how to give a good blow job, get a facial, swallow and whatever else Ron desires from her.

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Angie came to us from Oregon wanting strict training.  She wanted to spend the day with Ron doing whatever he told her to do.  When she didn't do what she was told, or didn't learn how to give a good blow job she got a well deserved spanking.

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Jenny lived and worked close to Ron but they met on  Every Time she saw him in town she wanted to kneel before him and be trained.  She finally got her wish and a very sore bottom before she swallowed.  She loved, through spanking, how to give a good blow job.

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Holly, Ron's wife's sister, wanted to try a poly lifestyle along with Domestic Discipline.  She was a bit arrogant and needed a lot of training but she finally learned her place. She loved to suck and fuck but leaning through spanking how to give a good blow job and keep her ass still when getting fucked was a whole new experience.

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Mary contacted Ron through Fetlife and was very excited about being trained by Ron.  She is still one of Ron's favorite trainees.  She embraced her position with such excitement and enthusiasm and it really comes through in her videos.  Learning how to give a good blow job through spanking got her hotter and hornier.

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Bianca Chiffon

Bianca contacted Ron through and wanted to experience a training session.  She said she could take a spankings and spent much of the session in tears and sniffles.  But in the end she got her sassy bottom trained in how to give a good blow job along with some other things.

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 Nichole was our second spankee wanting to do training videos ( sex & spanking ).  She wasn't fully aware of how intense it would be but she did enjoy it very much. 

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Wendi looked Ron up on SpankingTube and wanted to be trained.  She got her wise, learned the hard way how to please a Dom and didn't sit for a few days afterwards. 

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