Jenny's First Training Session Spanking

Video Description


Jenny isn't your typical 23 year old. She wants to be controlled and trained.   She has wanted a real man of the world to take her, make her and teach her to be his joy toy. Ron is willing to do just that but learning comes at a price, a well spanked bottom.   In her first training session Jenny is taught that when you don't follow Ron's commands you get a very red bottom. Ron took her to the point of tears more than a few times in this session. Jenny learned the hard way to do as she was told and in the end she swallowed every drop when Ron released his load.  

This video is 20 minutes long and MP4 format


Jenny knew that if she didn't she would get a butt blistering spanking to end her session. 

Women in SpankHer4Real Videos are NOT professional models. They're just women who get Spanked 4 Real

Jenny is trained to give a proper blow job and gets a spanking when she doesn't

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