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Alisha Adams first spanking

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Submissive slut Alisha Adams gets a good Domestic Discipline spanking.

Alisha had Ron's permission to borrow his car, once before, but when she borrowed it again without his permission that was a no no. It seems girls today think that having permission that first time covers every time in the future, but it doesn't. She found out the hard way too. 

 If borrowing Ron's car without permission wasn't enough Alisha also got a speeding ticket too. Another thing that 24 year olds seem to do alot too, speed. So in addition to her spanking he taked that on just for good measure. 

On top of all that Ron discovered a small dent on the driver's side of the door. Alisha spent a fair amount of time getting her bare bottom some Domestic Discipline in the OTK position and turned from white to red and the rest of the day standing. In addition every slap of Ron's hand forced a yell, grunt or moan from her mouth! 

This video is 16 minutes long and MP4 format

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Alisha Adams First Spanking



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