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Our Spankees



Rose was our first spankee.  She has since moved to a different state but she and Ron still keep in contact.  All of her videos are more REAL than you think.

Rose Videos



Ember was our second spankee.  She insisted she be spanked for things she did or things she didn't do and should have.  Ember didn't want her face on camera so the action on every video is on her well spanked bottom.

Ember Videos


sex and spanking videos, blow jobs, handjobs, submissive training, Domestic Discipline, Tih, HOH

Taylor was our first spankee who also wanted to be sexually trained, through spanking, to please Ron.  Her videos have been our best sellers.

Taylor Videos


submissive, spanking, training

Jenna lives a 24/7 domesitc discipline lifestyle but was craving discipline spankings from Ron.  Well, that's certainly what she got.

Jenna Videos


submissive training, blow job training, handjob training, spanking, domestic discipline,

Nichole was our second spankee wanting to do training videos ( sex & spanking ).  She wasn't fully aware of how intense it would be but she did enjoy it very much.

Nichole Videos


spanking, naughty girl, submissive

Izzy was attending college and wanted to be put on a strict set of rules.  While she was with us let's just say she broke most of them and got spanked each time.

Izzy Videos


sex and spanking videos, blow jobs, handjobs, submissive training, Domestic Discipline, Tih, HOH

Angie was our third spankee wanting to do a training session.

Angie Videos

Dakota Rhyan


By the time Dakota did her fourth video she was into getting her naughty bottom spanked very red.  Now she enjoys getting spanked,..somewhat.

Dakota Videos



Jules, in her real life, is a mistress who has submissive boys, men, do her bidding.  But, she recognized she needed discipline herself so she sought out Ron to give her bottom a good blistering.

Jules Videos


sex and spanking videos, blow jobs, handjobs, submissive training, Domestic Discipline, Tih, HOH

Wendi looked Ron up on and wanted to be trained.  She got her wise, learned the hard way how to please a Dom and didn't sit for a few days afterwards.

Wendi Videos

Amy Nicole


Amy lives a Domestic Discipline lifestyle and wasn't able to get the spanking she deserved by her Dom.  So, she sought out Ron and he gave her the spanking she had coming.

Amy Nicole Videos

Alisha Adams


Alisha Adams came from the Portland Oregon area and explained she would be in the area and wanted a good spanking.  Ron was more than happy to oblige. 

Alisha Adams Videos



Annie responded to an ad we put on a website and when she showed up we found that she hadn't even seen the ad.  All she knew was it required her to be spanked.  She told us her mother saw the ad and told her.  

Annie Videos

Courtney Little


Courtney lives 24/7 as a "little".  She contacted Ron through wanting a no nonsense spanking.  That's just what she got.

Courtney Little Videos

Bianca Chiffon

sex and spanking videos, blow jobs, handjobs, submissive training, Domestic Discipline, Tih, HOH

Bianca contacted Ron through and wanted to experience a training session.  She said she could take a spankings and spent much of the session in tears and sniffles.  But in the end she got her sassy bottom trained.

Bianca Chiffon Videos


sex and spanking videos, blow jobs, handjobs, submissive training, Domestic Discipline, Tih, HOH

Holly, Ron's wife's sister, wanted to try a poly lifestyle.  She was a bit arrogant and needed a lot of training but she finally learned her place.

Holly Videos

Jamie Bottoms


Jamie contacted Ron through about Ron mentoring her in a loving Domestic Discipline, Daddy/daughter relationship.  She eventually moved from Myrtle Beach North Carolina to Seattle and experienced just what she wanted. 

Jamie Videos



Kaia and Ron met at a Walmart parking lot through a confutation Kaia initiated.  Ron, being Ron, told her she needed a good spanking.  When he came out of the store Kaia was by his car and felt bad about the whole incident.  She then asked Ron to do what he said she needed.

Kaia Videos



LeAnne answered an ad for female spankees.  She was doing modeling for various clothing stores and runway modeling too.  As a submissive though she wanted and needed spankings for a variety of naughty things.

LeAnne Videos



Lucy thought she could take a spanking but when it came to it she had a hard time getting through the session.  But, she made it and with a very red bottom.

Lucy Videos


sex and spanking videos, blow jobs, handjobs, submissive training, Domestic Discipline, Tih, HOH

Mary contacted Ron through Fetlife and was very excited about being trained by Ron.  She is still one of Ron's favorite trainees.  She embraced her position with such excitement and enthusiasm and it really comes through in her videos. 

Mary Videos

Paula Bird


Paula Bird lives a 24/7 Domestic Discipline lifestyle.  At the time she met Ron through Fetlife she didn't have a Dom in her life.  When asked what she needed a spanking for she said, "Where do I start!"

Paula Bird Videos

Roxy Mae


Roxy Mae contacted Ron through and wanted a good sound bottom blistering spanking.  She lives a Domestic Discipline lifestyle and at the time her Dom was unavailable to punish her for once again burning dinner.  She was spanked to tears. spanking videos adult entertainment

Roxy Mae Videos



Victoria answered an ad for a spankee and was a bit too cocky and had a bit of an attitude when she showed up.  By the end of her spanking that attitude was tamed and she learned respect.

Victoria Videos



Yvonne would do a spanking video every week if Ron was up to it.  She is a total Masochist and loves her bottom spanked raw. 

Yvonne Videos



Alana contacted Ron through Fetlife.  She is a college student and needed a good sound spanking to remind her to get good grades as she started her first 2018 college quarter.

Alana Videos


sex and spanking videos, blow jobs, handjobs, submissive training, Domestic Discipline, Tih, HOH

Jenny wanted a training session that required her to obey completely or get spanked.  And that's just what happened.

Jenny Videos

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About Our Videos

Spank Her 4 Real Videos was founded in 2011 by Ron Edwards.  His goal was to offer REAL spankings to Real women.  Ron's idea was to film real women getting real spankings because they really wanted and needed a spanking.

We sit down with every spankee and they explain to us their need regarding the spanking they will recieve.

If a spanking gets too intense for a spankee she simply says the "safe word" and she is given time to compose herself.  That doesn't mean her spanking stops.  The spankings are always over when Ron decides they are.

Every spanking and training video we produce is Real.  That is it's real spankings given to real and naughty women who come to us for discipline.  All of our training videos are Real as well.  Honestly, you can't fake this stuff.

We never give out information about our spankees.  All of their personal information is kept confidential.  So, please don't ask for their phone number or address.

Video shoots

Every video is filmed with only two people. That is Ron, the Spanker, and the spankee. 

We only use still cameras because we don't have a camera person behind any of the camera.  What you see in every video happens just between Ron and the spankee.  There are no scripts either.

Email us with questions regarding being a spankee in our videos

Spankees in our Videos

Do you want to be a spankee in our videos?

We pay all of the spankees in our videos but they are not professional models.  You don't have to have a "perfect" body.  You just need to be yourself.  

General Requirments

If you have little to no tattoos that's a huge plus.  If you're height/weight proportionate that's a plus.  If you embrace a Domestic Discipline, Taken in hand, Head of the House, lifestyle that's a plus.  If you need a good spanking and want the extra money that's a plus.  If you just like to get spanked that's a plus too. 

Contact us

Go ahead and drop us an email.  We won't bite.  We do a wide range of shoots you can choose from that pay $150 and more.

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